Training Season

Training Season is an emerging Canadian alternative Hip-Hop group from the city of Ottawa. Members include King Caexar, GP and Queenn. Our music incorporates elements of Trap, R&b/Soul, acoustic bass-lines, jazzy samples and explores a variety of provocative and personal themes, relating to dark romanticism, melancholy and depression. We take pride in our ability to create trendy music however; we offer full pieces. We don't just consider ourselves students of music. We all share a deep appreciation for all types of timeless musicians from Eminem and Outkast to Brian Wilson and the Beatles. Lyrically, we all draw from the same influences and we all have a passion for film, video games & anime/manga. All of our production is in-house, from song writing to beat production. Every track is more than a track and it connects every character, alter ego, occurrence and every song together has a larger, chartered story. The purpose of our “music” is to really push the boundaries we presently use to define it and to leave a lasting impression on art and culture.